Create Your O2 Facebook Page

You will want to start your Origami Owl business Facebook Page as soon as you are fully registered as an Origami Owl Independent Designer.

Your Origami Owl Independent Designer Facebook Page will be a place to interact with your customers, and a place to show off all of the beauty and meaning in an Origami Owl Living Locket.

To start you will want to be logged into your PERSONAL Facebook page (your business page will never show as connected to your PERSONAL page – but you will access it from your personal page).

Go Here –>!/pages/create/?ref_id=157572317731809

Choose –>  Brand/Product –> Jewelry/Watches
–> For Brand/product name type in “Origami Owl – First/Last Name, Independent Designer

Check accept and continue -

About Origami Owl – you can write anything. An example below.

“As an Origami Owl Independent Designer I can help you create a Living Locket that tells YOUR story”

Under description put -

Order Online: www. YOURWEBSITEHERE .com  This will give your fans a direct link to shop on YOUR site!

You can download pictures for your profile and header right from your back office under resources.   We can only use O2 APPROVED images for our Facebook Headers.

Please log into your Back Office to find an abundant supply of images to use in our businesses.

You can go to and “share” posts from there directly to your page.  You want to MAKE SURE you are “using facebook as… your business page” when you do this or it will share to your personal page.     To “use facebook as” click on the little gear in the upper right when you are logged in, you will see the pages you own, including your own name listed.  Just click on whichever one you are wanting to be under.

IMPORTANT!  Origami Owl’s P&P’s for Facebook: You MUST follow these rules

“Facebook + Social Media Guidelines Section 4.5 (pg. 11)
It is prohibited to use any of Origami Owl’s trademarked terms (which may be found in Section 4.2.4) or
misspellings and derivatives in the URL of any third-party websites or Replicated Websites.

The following are acceptable:[yourfirstandlastname]IndependentDesigner
Example – Facebook URL:
Example – Twitter URL:

An Independent Designer Facebook heading/title MUST be displayed as:

“Origami Owl – [Your Name], Independent Designer.” ”